Feb 20, 2016 Full scale test.

On Feb 20, 2016, the full scale test was happened in Talladega, Alabama. Unfortunately, The rocket was exploded while it was going up, but according to MAE team, that problem was caused by the motor. Otherwise, all the dropped tests were very successful. The tracker was transmitting and survived after the explosion.



Pitot Soldering

Yesterday, 02/11/2016 GAMBLS team was soldering Pitot board, after more than three hours, we have three Pitot board.

Here is some of the picture how we manufacture our board from scratch.

1. Put soldering paste on the board


2. Put components into the board



Michael was calculating how to get data from Pitot board

3. Cook the board to melt the paste



Patrick is fanning the board to cool it down to room temperture

4. Finished board


This Pitot board will be mounted at the tip of the nosecone for measuring the rocket’s ascent velocity.