NASA Launch Initiative

The Team:

Jason G Renner – Project Manager

Patrick R Williamson – Software development

Michael A Bizanis – Software development

Tin T Tran – Hardware Development


This project’s goal is to develop a rocket payload for the MAE team’s USLI rocket. Data from sensors including accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and atmospheric pressure sensors will be recorded at approximately 1 kHz rate on-board. This data will be transmitted from the rocket to a ground station during flight and will also be stored on board. All data will be available post-recovery for download. The sensors will include a pitot-static system incorporated into the rocket nosecone to measure velocity. This payload will begin collecting data at launch and continue gathering data until reaching apogee at 5280 feet. A ground-based system capable of in-flight processing of transmitted data and post-flight processing of high-fidelity information will also be developed.